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Hi, I'm Dac

About D.(Dac)Collins

The 100x Points of Light Challenge

Hi, I'm your basic guitar & harmonica instructor. I've created an inspiring music lesson series that anyone can quickly learn and teach others to play the guitar and harmonica. It's me coaching you to learn, teach and coach others a skillset and ways of thinking that guarantees success. Even if you are an absolute beginner guitar and harmonica player.

The workshops, podcasts and written instructor guides is music instruction and a personal development mindset conversation. The course combines segments of skillset learning and the best inspired speakers and motivators who teach mindset hacks for developing positive self-talk and successful habits.  Here's my "why."

LEARN with a PURPOSE to teach others

I believe that any parent, teacher, mentor can quickly learn and teach these instruments to a whole new generation of future guitar & harmonica players. So I set out on my own journey to be that person for others. I've created a workshop series that is a combination of basic skillset and inspired instruction to help you overcome your limited beliefs about learning and teaching others to play these instruments.

It's The 100x Points of Light Challenge. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Instructional workshop videos, podcasts and written content, I am training the trainers (x100) to learn to play and continue learning by finding a group to teach and play. It's called the "Play By Numbers Method" (each finger is numbered). It's a new way to quickly learn, have FUN and play as you pass on your skills to others.

And (for us) our journey is only beginning...

My services are most effective for those who are one or more of the following:  

This workshop is for you IF

  • Have always wanted to learn the guitar and/or harmonica 
  • Have been looking for the right course content that inspires you to continue to play and progress as you learn new skillset and successful ways of thinking.
  • Want to have some fun and develop a hobby that encourages positive focus and relieves stress.  
  • Want to be more attuned to finally learning to play in a truly unique way.

Play By Numbers Method


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YOUR Challenge Purpose & Vision

Step 1   (Click here) for online Guitar & Harmonica Workshop

This workshop is an online version of my basic guitar & harmonica course designed to teach a new skillset to absolute beginners.

This is the same workshop that you will be teaching others. You can download an instructors manual, powerpoint presentation and access video content that will guide you through the course work.

Trust me. This is not a course where I am going to talk about music theory, learning to read music or make learning this new musical language hard on you in anyway. This workshop will ensure you have the resources to develop a growth oriented mindset.

Download or listen to the podcast associated with the workshop.

Lets continue onto Step 2


Step 2 Understanding Your Challenge

Welcome to a new way to play and quickly transform and grow in your skillset as you work your way through the free workshop.

Find others you can teach and guide them through the same workshop. Anyone! Your kids, grand kids, your peers, your youth group, kids at camp. Become a player, instructor, and mentor.

Go from uncertain to certain in your mindset as the workshop is geared toward overcoming your limited beliefs. Learn how to pass this mindset on to others. This is an opportunity to build new habits and form new neural connections in our brains as we have fun playing notes, chords and music. This is FUN and EASY skillset and positive mindset training.

From Vision to Reality. Questions?



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